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Press release: 19th March 2018

A blessing or a curse?

How would you feel if you were told someone who you love dearly was going to pass over? Is this a blessing or a curse, and does life after death exist?

There has been much controversy regarding the subject of life after death.  The afterlife is the belief that an individual’s consciousness continues to manifest after the death of their physical body.

Thousands, if not millions of people have experienced the phenomena called a 'near death experience'.  This is when a person leaves their body and encounters another existence but then returns to continue their earthly life, often bringing a kinder and more loving outlook than they ever had before. 

These experiences however, have been met with scepticism from some of the scientific community, until recently.  Over the last decade there has ground-breaking research proving consciousness continues even after a person has died and that we live in an illusionary world. There is only mind and experience.

Trinity Rose Williams, is a well-known medium living in Wales, who communicates with those who have left the physical world.  She brings evidence through communication with spirit that departed loved ones continue to exist after physical death.

In 2015, Trinity was holding a psychic development circle with a group of students she regularly sat with, when a sensitive message was received from one of her students.   The message said that Trinity’s husband Michael, was going to pass over to the Spirit World but no time-scale was given. The message was provided by her Grandfather, Harold, who had passed over 35years ago, and her son (she called him Peter), who had never been born.  

Many people would find this information horrifying, and yet Trinity knew this news was a blessing.  It must be stressed that mediums in a sitting would not usually be given this information. Trinity truly believes her Grandfather and son were helping her, and it was a blessing in disguise. Trinity did share this message with other members of the family and friends, at that time Michael was perfectly healthy.

Twelve months later, Michael was diagnosed with secondary liver cancer which was terminal.  Michael started chemotherapy and was offered a liver operation, but he decided he wanted quality of life rather than quantity. 

If Trinity had not received the message they would not of spent the last 15 months of Michael’s life enjoying what time they had left together. They brought a Caravan had holidays and loved their time together. They had been happily married for 34 years. 


Michael passed over peacefully on Christmas Day 2017, as was predicted by Trinity whilst she was with a group of friends, in November 2017.  

Since Michael’s passing, Michael has been coming through regularly from the Spirit World bringing factual and empirical evidence that life exists after death, through the planchette, Electronic Voice Phenomena and other mediums. The evidence supplied has been factual and correct.

Trinity believes that Michael wants her to share this story, so she can bring comfort to others who are grieving and ease their pain.   Our loved ones do continue, and communication with them is possible.   Trinity also believes that her son bringing the original message gives validation that children who are miscarried or aborted continue to grow in the Spirit World, and that communication also is possible with them. Also see the film “Heaven Is For Real “ available on Amazon a true story.

Trinity Rose Williams is running workshops to bring this evidence into the public domain. There are many people who are sceptical and fearful of this phenomena and Trinity wants to ease their fear through science, education and awareness that it is all about love.

For information on the workshop please visit:

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 the message Trinity received happened exactly as stated and was provided by a child that has never been born.  

Notes for the Editor: Some scientific evidence that the afterlife exists. an Australian Lawyer who has for the past 21 years has been investigating through science and evidence from all over the world that the after life exists. He provides a Friday After report every week bringing this evidence into the public domain. It is very good. Please note on this site there is a wealth of prominent scientific experts who validate the afterlife and an extensive amount of information about the afterlife.

Dr Robert Lanza MD. Biocentrism- Rethinking Time, Space, Consciousness and the illusion of Death.

Dr Raymond Moody - Studies of near death experiences.

Dr Michael Newton – Studies life between life

Rupert Shadrack Biologist –

R Craig Hogan Ph.D.- Afterlife research and Education Institute His Book Your Eternal Self is filled with up to date scientific evidence and research that any sceptic would find it very difficult to dispute.

Dean Radlin – Parapsychology researcher and scientist- psychic abilities are real

Gary Schwartz Ph.D. – Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry and Surgery tested mediums under stringent triple blinded conditions. The study showed mediums in controlled conditions that included not even speaking on the phone with the person being read resulted in communication with the deceased (Your eternal Soul R Craig Hogan) I am familiar with his work.

Dr Eben Alexander – An American Neuro Surgeon who had a near death experience.

Quantum Physics – The Double Slit Experiment

Closed minded Sceptics – Science DOES support there is an afterlife…The above is only but to name a few professionals, Doctors and Scientists who do support the afterlife. The main controversy today is where is the mind (consciousness) in the brain or a non-physical location.