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What people have said about the workshop:-

What a fantastic way to spend our Saturday... loved every minute of your talk... so fascinating and left us with much to digest and think over... thank you  for such an informative day you have done brill... don’t leave the next one too long please... much love xxxxx Wendy Roberts Gill

Thank you to you all for a wonderful day my mind is ticking over a lot to take in thank you so much can’t wait for next one Sharon Griffiths

Thank you so much Trinity. You certainly gave us so much to think about. You only scratched the surface of function of the mind. You gave me the ability to look at the world with a different perspective. The fact that you can provide evidence of an eternal soul goes beyond words. I certainly hope and look forward to attending any more seminars you hold. Xxx Tracy Jones

We all really enjoyed it, thank you so very very much, gave us all an awful lot to think about, looking forward to next ones now lol xxx Barbara Pheonix

Near and Far Workshop

Transition from grief to healing.


Our loved ones appear to be father away than the stars, but they are nearer than the air we breathe.

What the workshop covers

Definition and stages of Grief

Bringing understanding what our world really is through knowledge and science, eradicating scepticism with ground breaking research proving consciousness (you) continues even after you have died and that we live in an illusionary world.

Understanding how the transition from this world to the next takes place and why we should not fear death.

Understanding how it is possible to continue communication with loved ones who have passed over and how they can still bring their guidance and love.

Michael has asked Trinity to share his story so that it can help bring comfort and ease the pain of grief. Proving communication does happen after death by providing empirical and factual evidence that Michael has contacted Trinity on many occasions since his passing on Christmas day 2017. through Mediums, The Planchet and Electronic Voice Phenonium. All validated with proof and testimonials.

Trinity knows your pain, Trinity has been married to Michael for 34 years and they were very happy together. Trinity has been comforted so much because Michael has brought her so much communication that he is safe and happy, and he continues to support her from the Spirit World.

Trinity cannot ease the physical loss but through the workshop Trinity (A qualified Counsellor) can help alleviate some of the feelings that come with grief and give you another perspective in helping you to heal.

The Workshops are held in the Welshpool area (Mid Wales). Cost £25 from 10am till 3pm (Includes refreshments). Bring a packed lunch. To attend the workshops please email  whereby a list of dates of workshops will be provided.