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Dad’s words

I met Trinity by chance at London Bridge Station in 2006 and we were trying to find the right platform for a train, it turned out we were both about to find the same one. We got on well and chatted on the train and suddenly she told me to tell her no more about me and gave me the most incredible message from my Dad!!! She was spot on, the words were absolutely from him, no doubt about that (I was even told to sit up straight! – Dad’s words, always! – and my home was described in great detail, plus so much more!!!) This was such a wonderful meeting and we both ended up in "happy" tears. Meeting Trinity was amazing and to this day I cherish it. I must add that Trinity is such a lovely lady and I feel bad for not having written this years ago. She is truly amazing in every sense and anyone who knows her will understand that spiritually and as a friend Trinity is incredibly special. Thanks my friend who came out of nowhere, you are an amazing and special lady with a marvellous gift. Love Mxxx

- Mario, London