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I recommend Trinity highly

Trinity you came to my parent’s home on the 19th march Monday night, I was very excited I had been waiting for the evening for a long time, the reading was for me and my mom, she is a Christian but is not in touch with her faith, I am in a deep relationship with the lord so knew what to expect. However when entering the house I felt warm and loved immediately, a great big smile on her face and dancing around I was weary of her movements however found out she had 2 much coffee during the day and needed to use the w.c, lol sorry Trinity. We sat together very chilled out, and immediately she started pacing up and down the living room, my grandmother came thru immediately, my mom was weary however we had a whole hour of continuous clarification that my nan had come thru to apologise 2 my mom and explain why she was so cold with my mom. Information I didn’t even know and certainly no one else could no, aww I did not want it to end, she was spot on exact and true to every word she said we felt her love. EVERYONE READING THESE TESTIMONIALS PLEASE NOTE I RECOMMEND TRINITY HIGHLY SHE IS WONDERFUL AND VERY FLEXIBLE ON MEETINGS! LOVE U SO MUCH GOD BLESS U TRINITY YOU’RE DOING YOUR GRANDFATHER PROUD TRULY A BLESSING FROM HEAVEN CHICK GOD BLESS AMY XX

- Amy, West Midlands